Jan A. Goldman
pastel artist

Sweet Spot
Table Setting
Fall Dressing
Elk Passage

It is my joy as an artist to transport the viewer into a magnified vision of my natural world, a place where color is often pushed to create fantasy realism. To intensify this vision, it is my goal to create a vibrancy not often found in nature. The tactile energy of pastels allows me to be bold and gestural with my strokes. My artistic process consists of building up and reducing layers of color to create transparency in the image.

My paintings are created either in plein air or in the studio from reference photographs taken trailside throughout the colorful Four Corner's region. My focus continues to be one of exploring and seeing nature from a different perspective.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I hope my paintings provide the viewer with a glimpse of the vibrant Southwest and all that it has to offer.